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Our objective is great work that leads to success.

We're a creative agency with expertise in generating and executing creative solutions that will impact your image. We will strategize with you to step into brand growth without the guesswork or burnout.


Client collaboration along with market research, brand positioning and creative design ensures the longevity of your brand and a business that thrives.

Ten Twelve Designs

Lori Kadezabek

Energetic CEO and Creative Director looking to create impactful designs that connect with your target audience. Conceptualizing thoughtful solutions to position your brand for maximum growth by constantly questioning how we can do things differently, how we can do things better.

Let's get to work.


Dedicated to helping you ideate, create and execute fresh design solutions that align with your vision. To partner with you to step into brand growth that leads to long term success.


Print + Digital Creative Services, Brand Strategy, Logo Design,

WIX Website Design Specialist,

Social Content/Copywriting, Package Design



- Dr. Praeger's

- Panasonic

- Prism Media

- NYU Neuro


- Wendy Brandes Fine Jewelry

- The Little Play Co.

- The Inner Athlete

- Hugs & Bugs Club

- DMY Marketing Group

- Hoboken SLP

- Link Research Insights

- S Network Global

- Persist Kids Inc.

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